The Encaustic Series incorporates Visionary Poetry, a give and take process where the artist, Diane Destiny, creates the vision based on a poem written by Joyce Stein OR the artist creates the vision and the poet responds by writing a poem based on the art piece.. The images are created on the computer, printed on canvas, presented on brushed aluminum and finished as an encaustic painting. The encaustic adds a feeling of mystery with a balance of transparent and opaque areas. Encaustic is an archaic medium that literally means “to burn.”

Diane and Joyce met each other while traveling in Japan and New Zealand in the 1980’s. Soon after their travels they discussed the possibility of a Collaboration. They didn’t actually start their process until around 2004 when out of the blue Joyce sent Diane several Poems to consider. Diane was ready to change mediums and begin a new series with Encaustic on brushed aluminum.

This was a perfect time to do it.

Diane’s work is a contemporary expression executing the Ancient use of Pigmented Wax. The medium of encaustic is the master of layer after layer of intrigue resulting in multiple surprises.

Poetry makes the reader experience through the verse and its rhythm the thoughts and feelings of the poet. The words chosen are based on the poet’s reaction to the visual impact of the art piece. Words have their own color and shape and the artist reacts to them with her individual vision of their meaning.

The art piece and the poem are designed to complement each other. Each Painting is accompanied by an audio recording for the viewer to listen to the Poem while viewing the Painting. Some viewers and readers may find their own interpretation of a specific combination and that adds even more to the viewing.

Click on the links below to view each piece and hear it's accompanying poem read by Diane's daughter Leslie.

All images ©Diane Destiny. All rights reserved.